Willie Nile Uncovered

  Look for Willie Nile Uncovered in the Fall of  2019!

Featuring Graham Parker, James Maddock, Dan Bern, Jen Chapin, Elliot Murphy, Slaid Cleeves, Kenny White, Richard Barone, Caroline Doctorow, Gene Casey, Johnny Pisano, Emily Duff, Pete Mancini, Russ Seeger, Quarterhorse and more.

Track Listing:

Graham Parker - One Guitar

Richard Barone - The Streets Of New York

James Maddock - She's Got My Heart

John Gorka - I Can't Do Crazy Anymore

Dan Bern - Life on Bleecker Street

Kenny White - Vagabound Moon

Elliot Murphy - Champs-Elyses

Emily Duff - Hell Yeah!

Gene Casey - American Ride

Caroline Doctorow - Lonesome Dark-Eyed Beauty

Jen Chapin - The Crossing

Pete Mancini - Asking Annie Out

Russ Seeger - On Some Rainy Day

Quarter Horse - When Levon Sings

The Excel Kings - That's The Reason

Leeland Sundries - The Day I Saw Bo Diddley In Washington Square

Johnny Pisano - One Guitar