Tara Drouin

Wesites: www.iridesense.com   &   www.taradrouinauthor.com

Tara has been a member of Iridesense, one of Long Island’s premier power pop bands, for the last 25 years.  With Iridesense she plays bass, sings and is one of two primary songwriters.  Along with her brother Rick Eberle, husband Rich Drouin and Rob Viccari they released "A Trip Called Life" on Paradiddle Records and contributed songs to Bob Dylan Uncovered Vol. 1, Kinks UnKovered and Willie Nile Uncovered.

"Silver Lining" is a departure from her power pop sound into a more folk/acoustic sound and the songs are more introspective in nature.  Her writing explores the meaning of life, the pursuit of happiness, unity in our changing world, as well as love and relationships.   


The making of this album was her silver lining during the pandemic, so the title is appropriate. She's grateful to all her friends and family who contributed to making this album a reality. 

With Iridesense - www.iridesense.com

2015-"Thought Parade" (EP)

2013-"Secret Constellation" (3 song EP)

2008-“A Trip Called Life” on Paradiddle Records

2001-"iRideSense" on LLJ Records

1997"Cool Dream Tomorrow" on Rock Diva records

Tara has been very active writing books, music and plays for children. www.taradrouinauthor.com

2021- “Starlight” - Tara's newest book is based a lullaby called Starlight. The song is on Spotify, itunes, Amazon etc. and the book is now on Amazon.  

2020 – “Red Rock Road” - illustrated by Soumya Basnet. Red Rock Road the song, was written and recorded by her children's band The Gum Drops. 

2018 - “One Heart”-her first book. Illustrated by Nancy Noskewicz

2016- she collaborated on “Halloween Rules” - A play written by Laura Marotta; music by Tara, Sean Llewellyn, and Rob Viccari.